10 Family Friendly Things to Do in Tallinn Estonia

Do you want to take a trip to Estonia with your kids?

These top ten family friendly things to do will help you to plan the best vacation ever. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is full of great places and activities for perfect journey. In fact, this city is the Baltic pearl and Tallinn’s Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and ranked as one of world centers. Keep on reading the article and your family will never get bored in your journey to Estonia!

1. Visit the Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn Zoo is an excellent place for families to visit. There are a lot of cute animals and your kids will be happy to feed them! Moreover, the picnic grounds of the zoo are perfect place for grabbing a nutritious snack. 

2. Make a family wish at the Town Hall Square

At the very heart of the Old Town – at Tallinn Town Hall Square – as people believe, your wish will be heard. First of all, If you want make a wish you need to find a round stone there (aka compass). Then, you have to stand on this stone and try to see all 5 spires of the old town at one glance (because Old Town has five spires). If you do, make a wish and wait – miracles do happen!

3. Enjoy Tallinn Museums

In the city you can find many inspiring activities for kids. For example, at the Old Town center you will find the Estonian State Puppet and Youth Theatre where you can either enjoy fun plays or visit the Museum of Puppet Arts. Moreover, Tallinn is the hometown of the Estonian Children’s Museum, where you can find two floors full of toys originating from the Middle Ages up till modern times.

4. Try delicious Tallinn marzipan

Do you know that the tasty dessert made from almonds – marzipan – was invented in Estonia by a young boy? You can visit Marzipan Museum in Tallinn Old Town and get to hear the whole story of this sweet invention. Also, you can taste the yummy dessert almost everywhere in the town!

5. Have fun at the Energy Discovery Centre

One of your travel deals in Tallinn can be the Energy Discovery Centre, reopened in 2014 and located near the passenger port. This is a unique electricity and energy themed family science centre where you can discover, play and learn with your family.

6. Discover Adventure at the Nõmme’s park

At Nõmme’s Adventure park you can find a lot of fun! Climbing in trees, jumping to nets, long rides on a zip line, using your intelligence to conquer new heights. Even your smallest ones can join the fun in kids park. This will be an unforgettable, adventurous family leisure time.

7. Get some luck with Tallinn chimney sweep

A lot of Estonians believe in the chimney sweep, and I noticed that in Tallinn you can meet many happy people. Touch the button of chimney sweep monument at the Karjavärava square and it is said to bring the real fortunes to your life!

8. Enjoy indoor/outdoor activities for families

In Tallinn you can also visit a water park – the Kalev Spa, and the Skypark trampoline centre. Kids adore such activities and parents will be rewarded with tired children at the end of the day.

9. Enjoy coffee and chocolate in a Tallinn cafe

Tallinn offers innumerable restaurants and cafes with national dishes, where you can also enjoy an aromatic coffee. In Estonia, people know how to make a great coffee. At the same time, your kids can enjoy tasty desserts, that are offered at many places all around the town.

10. Summer recreational activities outside of Tallinn

Vembu-Tembumaa is an amusement park located 25 km from Tallinn, and is the best place for enjoying recreational activities in summer outside of town. This park offers a wide range of fun attractions for the whole family, including go-carts, ATV trails and swimming pools.

My travel to Estonia was unforgettable and I want to share my experience with you all. I hope you and your family will enjoy your trip to Tallinn. Happy travels!

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