Traveling By Train through Norway

Lilyhammer on Netflix is the first thing and the only thing I ever knew about Norway. However, Norway has become one of my top outdoor travel places. Oslo is a large metropolis, full of constructions and giant ships coming and going, and a train ride through Norway will show you a tiny bit of Asgard.

Day 1: Plane from Tallinn to Oslo

Frogner Park covers about 80 acres and is filled with amazing sculptures, designed by Gustav Vigeland, with the sky as their backdrop.

Oslo Royal Palace Guards

Day 2: Train to the Fjords

There are many areas in which you can take a Fjord expedition. On this trip, Flåm was the destination for the journey.

Going Fast in the Fjords

Stave Church

This area is filled with snow capped mountains; breath taking waterfalls and viking history!


Before leaving the Fjords, you have to stay at least one night with the lovely family at The Balestrand Hotel.

Kong Belesveg 37, Balestrand

+47 57691138

This is a friendly, clean bed & breakfast style hotel with private baths, showers and private balconies and amazing views.

The next leg of the voyage is a ferry to Bergen.





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