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If you struggle with feeling sluggish; have low energy or trouble remembering things, you may benefit from probiotics. In this episode of Dads in the House, we share some tips on raw milk and making clabbered milk to improve your gut health.

In this episode of Dads in the House, we cover some of the problems with traditional schools? What are benefits of homeschooling your child? How do parents ensure that their child is eating healthy real food and not worrying about food allergies or food sensitivities to things like gluten or dairy? Some may even think about the benefits of unschooling from the traditional ways to allow children to learn at their pace or for their special needs.

DadsintheHouse Ep. 8 – Part 2: GentleBirth combines brain science, birth science and technology to empower your positive birth through preparation.

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S1, Ep 5: Dads in the House: Part 2: How to be One Happy Housewife:- This video covers more on homeschooling, working mothers and parenting challenges. Please watch Part 1 for Tips and tricks for managing your home, homeschooling your kids and keeping things organized. Great info for moms and dads who are taking care of kids.
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