Stay at Home Dads: Why dad may be better than mom at home

Is there a need for stay at home dads? The reality is, child care can become costly if you are outsourcing the work, however if one parent can/must stay at home, it is likely that this role is filled by mom. But what about a stay at home dad? Is it possible that a stay at home dad can be better at this role?

Stay-at-home dads are increasing in number with every year, and as this study shows, there are multiple reasons why. More women than ever are attending college and university, graduating with degrees that will allow them to get jobs in the real world – couples with children are breaking down the stigma about conventional parenting: that mom always does the best job of raising the kids.

But is this true? Stay at home dads vs. stay at home moms? Men vs. women has long been a debate, and will continue to be so, it is part of life. Instead of arguing like a child who is better, let’s just say it is more about personality, risk-taking, cooperation and calmness that makes a great parent.

Some families choose to dedicate a single parent for raising their child, instead of using day care, for very practical reasons. It is more cost-effective, for starters, to entertain your child at home, but it also creates an essential bond that cannot be formed in any other way. As a primary caretaker, you are the one that picks them up when they fall, you are the one that reads to them at night and you are the one that provides them with the nutritious meals (not processed foods) that they need. Along comes another misconception: men can’t cook. In reality, modern woman doesn’t always know how to cook, and many men are happy to pick up the role, taking pride in feeding the family.

teach your kids to cook

It’s not all about the money.

Even if the mom can or does make more income, sometimes the dad has more patience or the ability to be a better teacher for the children. Fathers, by default, encourage risk taking. It doesn’t mean for a second that they aren’t concerned with safety, they are simply encouraging exploration and, as a result, kids are more aware of their physical capabilities.

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It has been said that mothers discipline more, even multiple times a day, but at home dads only speak up when a situation has crossed the line. Men enforce discipline in a firm way that children respond to, women, on the other hand, may try to reason to influence behavior.

When it comes to parenting, we all come to the job with a different set of skills. Whoever gets the privilege to stay at home, enjoy it for its worth!

parenting books only tell one story

Are you a working mom or a stay-at-home dad? What are your thoughts on taking care of the kids?

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