Maui + Toddler? How to Travel to Maui with a Toddler

A Dad’s Point of View on How to Travel to Maui with a Toddler

Is Maui a good travel place for a toddler? Yes is the answer!

When you imagine visiting Maui, most people don’t think “I bet Maui would be a great place to travel with a toddler”. In fact, one internet mom specifically swears that between 9 months to 24 months is a horrible time to travel with a child. Well I am hear to tell you, please don’t listen to that kind of advice. As an active dad, I look at multiple criteria in making my decisions on what makes a location a good choice for traveling with a toddler. Continue reading, and not only will you pick up some helpful tips on traveling with an infant or toddler, but you will also find that Maui is a great place to travel to with a toddler.

How to Plan a Trip to Maui with a Toddler…

Start small and be strenuous about making and triple checking your travel list. My friend Valerie has a good post on that will help you get started. For your first few trips take more stuff than you think you need and then start to reduce the amount of items you truly need as you get used to traveling for longer periods and to farther away places.

So What Can a Toddler do in Maui?

Everything and anything, and especially eat!  Hawaii, and Maui specifically, is very kid friendly. Plus if you haven’t been to an island, you will be in for a culinary treat (more on this in another post). As for family vacations, my first trip to Maui was without a child and this trip was with a busy toddler. On both trips I found Maui to be very family friendly.

I have always seen a ton on pregnant mommies and a bunch of infants and toddlers everywhere. The great thing about hotels and resorts is that if you are traveling without a child and want to go where the adults go, they have specific swimming pools and/or “no kids allowed” locations just for you. This means that everywhere else is a wonderland for us family travelers. Also please don’t think that you need to schedule every minute with activities.

Toddlers like spending hours splashing in the water, swimming in the pool or just digging in
the sand. We had a blast chasing the waves and running around the grass. Also, realize that most of Maui’s hotels or resorts have a playground, basketball courts and several other areas where you can run around with your toddler and play games.

Please continue reading our next post on Gluten-free Places to Eat in Maui with a Toddler.

As always, we would love to hear your experiences on traveling with a toddler. What are your travel struggles? Where have been with your toddler? Mahalo!

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