Stay at home dads

Stay at home dads are not as popular in American society.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “There are an estimated 105,000 ‘stay-at-home’ dads. These are married fathers with children under 15 who are not in the labor force primarily so they can care for family members while their wives work outside the home.

Why would a man decide to be a stay at home dad? We decided to be an at home dad, because:

  1. Although some people have other family members or friends who are capable of helping with childcare, we may not or we may have decided that it is more important for us to  spend our time at home with our children during their early developmental stages.
  2. We believe in gender equality and want to do everything we can to support our wives/ partners who are working moms and who would be adversely effected by taking an extended leave of absents from their job.
  3. We have more flexibility in our jobs or our business that enables us to work from home or work outside of the 9-5 range.
  4. As a family, we decided that it would be better to home school our child and we determined that dad has better (skills, patiences, time) to take on primary role of teacher.
  5. We are a growing number of men who feel that stereotypes should be a thing of the past and believe that regards of race, ethnic background, or country of origin people should be able to be anything that we decide we want…and we decided to be stay at home dads!

Stay at home dads with infant

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